Personal Injury

Has A Personal Injury Changed The Course Of Your Life?

An unexpected injury in an automobile accident caused by someone else’s fault can leave you uncertain about your future. Medical bills, lost income, damage to your vehicle, can cause unnecessary stress and hardship. However, there is hope. When another’s carelessness causes injury to you, or the loss of a loved one, take legal action.

If you suffer a severe or catastrophic injury, or the death of a family member, reach out to David E. Stanley APLC. For over 35 years now, he has relentlessly pursued fair compensation for victims injured in automobile accidents and their families. He routinely negotiates with insurance companies and defense attorneys to obtain full compensation for the losses and damages sustained by his clients. Attorney David E. Stanley has a reputation obtaining full and substantial compensation for clients injured in Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana. Let his firm help you.

You Do Not Have To Bear The Financial Burden Alone

The impact of your injuries will not end the moment you or your loved one leaves the hospital. From medical bills to continuing expenses for medical treatment, these injuries can follow you long after an accident. Head, neck and back injuries can be permanent. These injuries can prevent you from earning money to support your family. And, in cases of wrongful death, there are lost wages and funeral expenses to consider. Unfortunately, these costs can quickly add up — resulting in an unanticipated financial burden for you and your family. But with the help of attorney David E. Stanley, you can be made whole again and on the path to recovery.

David E. Stanley APLC can help you pursue compensation for cases involving:

Work with a compassionate and highly-skilled personal injury attorney to help secure the best possible outcome for your future today. The firm represent clients suffering from the most serious of injuries including head trauma, paralysis, burns and internal injuries.

Let David E. Stanley APLC Help You Fight For A Stable Future Today

Money cannot erase the pain you have endured, but it can make a difference for you and your family avoid future financial hardship. Should the negligent party deny fault, or their insurance company refuses to pay what they owe you, attorney David E. Stanley is prepared to wage an aggressive fight on your behalf for full and just compensation for your injuries.

To learn more about the services the firm offers and what they can do for you, call the Baton Rouge office at 225-399-0709. You may also send attorney David E. Stanley an email to arrange a consultation at your earliest convenience. He will represent you on a contingency fee basis. This means you will pay no fee unless he recovers compensation for you.