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“I was arrested for a misdemeanor in Baton Rouge La., that was a mistake. The charge was for Domestic Abuse, Battery. The charge was false and never should have ended up with an arrest. This could have had serious implications with my job and any future employment. David listened to me and my wife, gathered information and understood exactly what needed to be done and how to go about resolving the issue. David has worked in the Defense business foe many years and quite knowledgeable about how the system works and who he needs to talk to in regards to District Attorneys ,etc.. my case was eventually dismissed by the DA with David’s work. After we thought the event was over my records in the State Police Dept. were wrongly entered showing I was arrested on a Felony. David had to once again go to work and see that the records were changed to reflect accurate information that will be on file forever and could impact someone’s future for years to come. This could only be done with help of an experienced Attorney such as David . You can’t do it on your own. Authorities will not listen to you . Thanks Dave for being there when we needed you.”

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