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“Mr. Stanley is not only one of the best lawyers in the Louisiana, but also in the nation. Before retaining Mr. Stanley as my attorney, I had consulted with many other attorneys. It quickly became very apparent to me that David Stanley was the best attorney for my case. He has over 30+ years of experience and you will not be able to find a more powerful attorney for your legal matter. He has an extremely high level of experience, intelligence and character. Throughout each stage of my critical legal matter, Mr. Stanley approached every single step with the highest level of expertise and attention. He was able to execute the best legal strategy and ultimately, my criminal case was dismissed and resolved in a very swift manner. He was ALWAYS impeccably punctual, instantly responsive, and super reliable; He was always there for me when I had any concerns or questions. The Bottom Line: He will get you the best possible result. Contacting Mr. Stanley was one of the wisest decisions I have made in my life. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone in any urgent legal matter to see him immediately.”

About the Author If you have been charged with a federal or state felony crime,
Attorney David Stanley works tirelessly to protect and
defend the legal rights for you.