What are felony property crimes?

What are felony property crimes?

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Felony property crimes are among the most serious property crimes that a person can be accused of. These might include charges such as grand theft, vandalism, fraud, burglary and arson.

Anyone who faces accusations of felony property crimes does need to build a defense. These crimes may lead to imprisonment as well as heavy fines and penalties upon conviction.

Understanding arson

Arson is the deliberate act of setting a property on fire. Crimes involving arson often involve malicious intent as a hallmark sign of criminal activity. People convicted of arson must be placed on the Louisiana Arson Registry.

What is fraud?

Fraud can include a number of different issues ranging from insurance fraud to fraudulent sales to homeowners. Anything from making a false claim against your insurance to selling an item and never delivering it despite getting paid can result in allegations of fraud.

Burglary and others’ property

In Louisiana, burglary is a felony. Simple burglary can include any unauthorized entry into another person’s home, watercraft, vehicle, cemetery or other location with the intent to commit a felony. Fines for a simple felony are up to $2,000 and can come with a prison term of up to 12 years.

What do you need to do if you’re accused of a felony crime?

It is necessary for you to know your legal rights and to build a strong defense if you’re accused of any of the above felony crimes. Felony crimes often come with significant fines and penalties as well as the risk of imprisonment for a year or much longer.

You have a right to representation

If you’re accused of a felony crime, your priority should be to make sure you do not say or do anything that could make the prosecution’s case easier. You need to protect your own best interests by staying quiet and saying nothing unless you fully understand your legal rights when doing so. To protect yourself, remember that you do have a right to an attorney and should learn more about the exact allegations to begin building a defense against the charges that you could face.