How opioid addiction often begins

How opioid addiction often begins

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You know well that the opioid epidemic has had an impact on America. Addiction often leads to abuse and illegal activities; someone who is legally cut off from these opioids by their doctor, but who is still physically dependant on them, may do whatever it takes to get another dose. It can also lead to the use of harder illegal drugs, such as heroin.

But, while you know how these end results often play out, what you’re wondering is how it all begins. How do people start getting addicted to opioids? Is any of this really their fault?

Medical painkillers

Opioids are high-caliber medical painkillers. They’re the type of medication you’re often given after surgery. They do this job incredibly well and are highly effective. While opioids get a lot of negative press lately, they are very useful and that’s why doctors continue to prescribe them. Someone who just had major surgery needs that relief while they heal, and there are few ways to get it.

The issue is simply that someone who is on them for too long can start to struggle with addiction. If a doctor over-prescribes the medications, that can play a role. There are also potential issues when people are given opioids when they don’t really need them. Doctors have not always fully understood how addictive these drugs were — at times, some studies even went so far as to say that they weren’t addictive — and mistakes were made.

It’s also not always easy for someone to tell when they are growing addicted. It happens slowly. It’s not as if taking a single dose gets them hooked. They may feel like they are completely fine and use the medication extensively before realizing that a problem has developed.

Illegal activity

As noted, addiction can lead to illegal activity. This often feels like it’s completely out of your control, and treatment is what you really need. Be sure you know about all of your defense options when facing charges.